What is Send Out Cards

What is Send Out Cards ?

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Send Out Cards is in the business of spreading happiness and joy !

by Gerard Fairley

Send Out Cards is great to help you deepen the connection you have with your Team…or customers. One of the biggest problems we have in today’s internet connected world, is staying physically in touch with our friends, families, business partners and customers. Everything is social …everything is digital. But how often are we touched by a card or a gift in the mail ? Some thing personalized..and  that you can actually touch? Just imagine the referrals  that any small business can generate (salon, real estate, insurance, contractors, etc) ..by send out an actual card to their preferred customers…instead of just an email or digital coupon.

This is a wonderful way to generate sales from your warm market for any business opportunity you are trying to build.

Send Out Cards is itself, a fantastic business opportunity for anyone serious about building a home based business that has a great product and mind blowing compensation plan.

    • Online Marketers
    • Brick and Mortar Physical Businesses
    • Service and Mobile Businesses
    • Network Business (such as Mary Kay, Amway, etc)

==>Send Out Cards is your foot in the door with your warm market for whatever you are selling.
==>Send Out Cards is your gentle way of getting referrals and more leads.
==>Send Out Cards is a way for your team to expand and grow…by helping start a mailing list …tapping into their warm market with what ever they are selling…and it doesnt have to be Send Out Cards.

Send Out Cards is two fold — use it as a retail product, just maintain relations and get referrals…etc

And/Or you can do Send Out Cards as a business model and earn a very lucrative income in the process.

SendOutCards prints it, stuffs it and mails it, all for about 1/5th of the price of a greeting card purchased at the store.  And you never had to leave your computer!  You can even use your own handwriting and signature and include a gift!

To answer any questions you may have about Send Ut Cards, contact me by email or leave your information right here.

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