If you sell Online, you need a Mailing List

Email is not dead Email is not dead

I have been focusing on building my list. But as a small business owner…whether you are selling real estate, cars, coaching services or digital products… you have to build your List…with the focus on an actual email or cellphone number (for text marketing). Social media is fun but its very captivating and steals away the attention of your potential customer. However when a person opens up a well written email, you have their undivided attention for those few seconds. A well managed email list can provide steady consistent monthly profits regardless of your product or service.

Email Marketing

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First and foremost is you will only see results if you are actually providing high value content to your customers. If you are emailing every two days about some new product you are selling, your list will become worthless..if you can even get it built ! people will quickly unsubscribe to your list or declare your email spam. And then in  that case, you never get past their email spam filters (which are getting smarter). The idea is to provide VALUE ! ….. You have to provide value….I cant stress this enough. As long as you are educating your customer they will welcome your email and will share it with their friends and social network. 

The Money is in the list. If you can take the time (or spend the money) to develop a list of 25,000-50,000 targeted loyal customers (fans) with their email address; then you are set for life. You should continually incentivize your list to bring you new customers; just by using some creative promotions and marketing campaigns. Having the email address of your client allows you to send out a once or twice a month email blast containing helpful tips, videos, tutorials, about your service or product.. 

You can email blast coupon specials too, and coupons are even more effective with text message blasting.  If you are just getting started and have less than 25-50 email addresses then you can work from a regular email account. Once you get past the early building of your list, you can spend money ($20 or less) and get a third party service to administer your list (via automated tools). I suggest you stick with the market leaders…Mad Mimi, Aweber, ConstantContact or Mailchimp.

Collect the email addresses of all of your clients by asking for it when they make appointments, buy merchandise, or pay for services at checkout. A friendly question “May I have your email address to send you a discount coupon?” can go a long way to building your online marketing list. Email addresses can be collected on your website, social media sites and in your brick and mortar locations. If you are an internet marketer, offer them some kind of digital download like a ebook or training video. If you offer your customer something for free on your web site, they will gladly give you their email address. If you are not getting them to sign up, then your offer is just probably not compelling enough. Your customer must view your offer as valuable to them.


Did you still remember the popular mantra, “People buy from who they know, trust and like?” And this holds true for email marketing.Once you convince someone to subscribe to your email list, for the first 7 days, don’t be tempted to send any paid offer. No matter how effective the offer seems, don’t take chances. Use the first 7 days to dazzle your fan. Send out free stuff and relevant information pertaining to your website. Since I offer Advanced Internet Marketing Training – I give away a free Internet Marketing Course…. Why ? Because the lack of knowledge in how to integrate all of the pieces of Internet Marketing is why people fail. People don’t know how to generate quality leads, or build a list and convert sales by using a website, blog and a capture page. A mailing list is the way to secure your future. What happens if one day you get locked out of your Facebook account ?  Many marketers (and people) spend most of their time on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and twitter…just pushing out links and not really offering value.  So I give away knowledge as a way to induce people to give me their email address 🙂

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