Money is Just condensed Energy…but so are you !

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The society in which we live in, places a high value on money (cash, etc). This kind of pressure to acquire money, causes most people to feel oppressed and anxious to get it (in order to exist and thrive). This very energy (anxiety and worry) about money…makes it that much harder to acquire it. On top of this,,, we all have childhood experiences that shape our belief about money…and what we must do to acquire it….including our definition of success, and how we much quantify it, label it, and judge each other by it. Depending on what beliefs you were "taught" as a child about money….that is a direct reflection on your current state of income."You have to work hard to get money" <—- This has got to be the all time most limiting belief about money you will ever hear (and there are plenty more that you have heard and still believe). And we all have heard this or a variation of it while growing up. A belief is just something you hear (or say) over, and over, and over again…until you Believe it.

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Money is just a conceptual vehicle that we use to trade for goods and services. Physicists have already proven that Money (the actual paper/coin/digital currency) is made up of  energy (condensed atoms and empty space), just like everything else.  Regardless of what business or career you are in,…. Whether you are trying to make money online or  get a better job or whatever, your mind has to be right regarding money. You have to  expect money to find you. You have expect money to increase in volume and denomination in your pockets and bank accounts.  Expectation drives your experience in life. So in order to attract and create more money in your life, you have to change your thinking about it. Recondition your mind. Money is real….and Not real at the same time. Money is not separate from you but is made up of the same stuff as you…so ultimately you can connect with it (mentally). Ultimately you can have dominion and authority over it…if you Believe it !

Gerard Fairley

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