What is a Membership website ?

Subscription Sites, and Creating your own Membership Site.

Subscription sites are also known as membership sites and mini membership websites.

What is a Membership Web Site?

by Gerard Fairley

A membership site or website is a site that you build and stock with exclusive information, products or deliverable service. This membership site can sell durable goods, or digital goods. The membership site is usually a refined niche site with a narrow topic.  Think of a broad topic like golf. A good membership site might be centered around just golf tees, or golf balls, or training gear, etc.  The better you refine your niche, the more chances you have of actually making money this way.  Your content will be of a high grade, and subscribers or members will be eager to pay you on a monthly basis; for access to your website via passwords and weekly emails.

How do you start up a subscription site or membership site?

Step one is to decide what your product (topic) will be.  This is done either of two ways.  You can decide to create content centered around what you like and what interests you, or you can find what consumers are looking for. Let’s stick with our golf niche. I don’t really like golf, but I like a lot of the celebrity golfers and love their fashion sense.  So I am going to create a membership site centered on golf clothes and golf training tips. Buy your domain with relevant key words to your site. I will purchase something like: “ProGolferTrainingTips.com” I then create a website using wordpress and install a membership page (plugin). There are many software companies that will help you manage your paying members.  For now, I recommend you do it by hand with a couple of simple autoresponders and an email list of your members.

Step two is Create Content.  I would recommend preparing 2-6 months’ worth of content in advance.  Some sites called mini membership sites are set up just for this purpose. This is called a limited or mini membership site with intent to deliver special products or service for a limited period of time (like 3-6 months).  Assemble all of your videos, articles, ebooks and other material that you plan to give your members access to.  Assemble all of your files in an organized fashion. This will make it easier to “drip feed” information (automated script email marketing) to your subscribers.  Decide if you want to let members just browse the “paid members area” of your website, or you are going to email them the data on a weekly or bi-monthly basis.  Paypal allows you to set up automated monthly subscription buttons which you can use on your website or blog. Watch some videos and study about autoresponders, automated sign-ups, creating autodown load pages for content delivery, and creating password protected pages on your site.

Step Three is get subscribers. Getting subscribers will be easy if you have used the right keywords in selecting your url.  People are constantly looking on Google for information. The right url will drive traffic to your site organically.  You can increase sign up to your site by, writing several good keyword rich articles, and submit to article directories. Ezinarticles.com, Article Alley.com, Hubpages.com  is what I use. Create a few good videos with Windows Movie Maker on your laptop and upload to YouTube.  Tag the videos with the proper keywords. You can offer a free ebook or video to get people to sign up to your subscription website.  Make it attractive.  I will use something like “Free Ebook on improving your Putting”.  Buy this ebook  from some other site with resale rights or giveaway rights .  The bottom line is to retain more members than you lose. If you set it all up correctly, these members or subscribers are now paying you a monthly fee for access to your specialized information.



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