Internet Marketing for Beginners

Internet Marketing Basics for Newbies and Beginners – How to start making money online. A person has to be able to do a search for your product business or service on Google, Yahoo or Bing, land on your website, look at some pictures/videos, read some testimonials, book an appointment, buy some  products, etc.   Many businesses just starting out may only have a Facebook Page and a few classified ads on Craigslist…and wonder why they are struggling. Or they have an old website that doesn’t view well on mobile devices…You don’t have to have a fancy website to make money online. The most  important thing is that your website is on the first page of a search engine results page (SERP) within your keywords.  So lets look at how to start Internet Marketing.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimized. The purpose of SEO is to ensure the visibility of your website. You want your potential customer to easily land on your page  from an organic or natural search on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Typically you will always see a paid ad at the top of the search, but many people will bypass that, and go for the local (organic) listings. A webmaster who knows what he/she is doing will ensure that your related keywords (tagged or embedded in your articles, posts, pictures and videos) are on various pages on your site. Keywords are how people search for you on the Internet. If a customer in Atlanta is looking for a coffee shop…he or she will just grab their cellphone and do a search. If somebody wants to buy some software or a computer, or even look for a house to buy…chances are they are starting the beginning of their purchase cycle with a search online. SEO is the blood and electricity that run your website. Without proper SEO of your are chasing leads and spending money for traffic ..because you are not getting organic traffic. This is should be your first focus.

Internet Marketing for Newbies  - Internet Marketing for Beginners

Are you just starting out ..and feel new ?

So….What is Internet Marketing ?

Marketing is a collection of things you do, to make your customer want you, need you and search for you. Internet Marketing for Beginners usually entails marketing your business online…with the following basic tools.

  • 0. Mindset (your business goal…vision, feeling and passion)
  • 1. Mobile Website
  • 2. Email  – data base building
  • 3. Social Media (YouTube/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/Google+)
  • 4. Review Sites and  customer testimonials
  • 5. Paid ads

Once you are all set up, you can easily maintain this mobile marketing system with just 45 minutes a day.

So, if you want to know how to make money marketing online, you have to create a mobile optimized website that can be found and viewed online by mobile phone searchers. This is arguably your most important tool…having a mobile optimized website which can be viewed easily on any device..a desk top computer, a laptop or a cellphone/tablet. Google will penalize you in the rankings if your website is not mobile friendly. And people will just click away from your site if they have to pinch to open up pages while viewing your website from their cellphone.

Developing an Email program and/or newsletter campaigns is the next most important aspect of Internet Marketing Basics. Most newbies rush out and set up a Facebook Page or tackle social media. No. If you want to become an Internet Marketer …your email list is your most important tool besides your website. There are various third party vendors for this…pick anyone of the tier one companies (Aweber, mailchimp, mad mimi, constant contact, etc).

Once you have a working website and a program to gather emails daily…now you can put more energy and time into posting on social media.  With Social media, you want to use it to spread the word about your business…but most importantly you want to use Social Media Marketing to grow your email list. What if Facebook or Instagram locks you out of your account ?

After you have fully optimized your Social Media Profiles (your business “keywords” and “about me” section, etc, etc)…. Now you can spend time and energy on all other activity!

You are building a business for the long haul…so focus on your mobile website (SEO and keywords) and focus on your email gathering. Everything else is secondary.

Gerard Fairley