How to get Followers on Instagram

How to get Followers on Instagram

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by Gerard Fairley

Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing app, but it is also a social network. It’s kinda like Twitter with pictures. Twitter uses text as status updates, Instagram uses pictures instead. You can have followers too. Some people are on Instagram just to have fun and show off pictures of their children or their latest vacation. Im on Instagram to have fun yes…but also to build a network. The amount of followers (the size of your network) you can obtain is in a direct relationship to the amount of money you are able to make as well. Followers on Instagram are much easier to get…and pictures/videos are more emotionally engaging than text. Herein lies the beauty of making money on this new social network. With a few techniques that I will show you, you can literally get 25-100 followers a day (depending on the time you spend at it)… Not such an easy feat to do on Twitter or Facebook! Of course you know that the more followers (customers) you have, the potential you have for making sales. Its really just a numbers game. More followers (customers) = More sales.

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How to get Followers on Instagram – The whole idea is to get as many quality followers as possible. Most people focus on the number of followers and not the quality of the followers. Alot of traffic on Instagram are automated Bots and Brands. So what I would suggest you do is build a core following of at least 1,000 real people…meaning click thru and browse thru pics of each person before you blindly “like” them and hit the “follow” button.  Do this the old fashion way …by hand. If you want to get followers fast…then like more pictures and leave more comments. Comments take more time instead a quick “Like” . But there are the more valuable currency on IG. Im not just talking about one or two word comments like “Awesome Pic” or “Great shot” …leave meaningful comments and 90% of the time a person will follow you back. So, the beginning the buildup is a bit tedious..but the dividends pay off once you hit 3,000+ followers.

Get Followers (Find Customers)

Now you’re ready to find users to follow. Getting followers is a three prong process.

1.      Follow relevant people

2.      “Like” peoples photos

3.       Leave comments on photos and videos

Be sure you know who your target audience is. My target audience (and potential customer) is typically a woman or a family….or somebody who drives a car. So these are the kind of people I follow (and target) and I find them in certain hashtags. If you are promoting a money opportunity like I do, then you would check out the ‘workflow” “money” “family” “vacations” “luxury” and other similar hashtags. The quickest ways to get followers is to follow people. Not just anybody. If you are a tattoo artist, then you would follow users who are hanging out in the #tattoo #tatted #teamtatted #tattooartist #ink #inkedup hashtags. You would follow the followers of leaders in your industry or grouping.

If you were promoting your karate classes in Atlanta… then you would:

·         Follow all users posting with #atl #atlanta

·         Follow users who follow local karate teachers/students/school/organizations

·         Follow users who make comments on these same photos

·         Like any pics with #karate #student #selfdefense #school and associated hastags

·         If you target families for your karate, then post with #family hashtags too

·         Leave comments on any pages within your core hashtags

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quality over quantity

Hashtags are the primary way for you to organize and broadcast your goods and services on Instagram. Combine “follows”, “likes” and “comments” on a daily basis. Whatever volume feels comfortable to you. In the beginning it will feel like work, but after you have about 500 followers or so, it gets easier. I use an Unfollow app to keep the ratio of followers to following at a respectable number.  You dont want to be that person who has 2,000 followers…but are following 26,000. No, it makes you look thirsty and too eager.  Remember your follower is also your potential customer….perception is everything.

It’s all about building relationships with your followers and turning them into customers…thru fun, emotional, educational, motivating, entertaining high quality photos and videos representing you and your brand. So follow everybody who you think is a potential customer…and look for them in the relevant hashtags areas.

Posting pics/videos is another way to get followers. If you can post 1-5 times per day, this will help you get followers as long as you are posting with the right hashtags. We will get into that in another article…the science of hashtags. But for now, just know that when you post a pic/video on Instagram you want to use use 1-10 popular hashtags…and then 1-2 of your own descriptive or unique hashtags. Less hashtags is better than too many. You can post up 30 hashtags, but I never use more than 7 or 8… again it looks too thirsty…

Typically when I put up a picture/video, I will post with these hashtags in the comments section (so I can delete the tags later if I want to)

#AtlMoney #Atlanta #Love #Money #PicoftheDay #Selfie #Fun #tbt

Now #AtlMoney is my unique hashtag I came up with that…it signifies who and what Im about on IG. #Atlanta is my location hashtag so anybody in Atlanta can find me. And then I use #Love, Money, #PicoftheDay #Selfie #Fun, #Tbt as hashtags to generate traffic to my picture. Stick with the most popular hashtags.

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