How get 50+ Facebook Friends every 24hours – Free Video Training

How to get Facebook Friend Requests 50+ Daily – Free Video Training

Gerard Fairley

How to get Facebook Friends (Friend Requests) – If you follow the information in the video above, you will be able to generate 50+ FB requests daily. The software is no secret, I use massplanner. If you want the details on each component of my strategy as well as detailed settings of the software, and how to create your own digital content…then get my other videos as well.

The next set of 3 advanced training videos offer you all of the details to my system of getting 50+ Friend Requests each day. I also include as a free bonus 1 free video training: my Facebook Birthday Marketing Strategy. These three strategies (using the software) combined together will generate 50+ Facebook friend requests per day….all on autopilot !  Really increase exposure to your offers, products, services and events. I will teach you how to safely contact friends and non friends on Facebook with this inexpensive yet powerful software (it only costs $10/month)  -I’m not kidding about this really saves a lot of time doing the “grunt work” of posting in groups, inviting friends, messaging, etc…it just works and I will show you how to use it effectively turbo charge your Facebook Marketing. Free up alot of your time as you build up your Tribe on Facebook. This is the exact method and strategy that I use to make generate interest in my online money program.

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Your Tribe will follow you anywhere

Let me explain to you the importance of getting a friends request…

The whole idea of getting people to friend request you is to filter out people who are “just not into you”. You want to build up your Tribe …with people who are interested in you, your brand and what you have to offer. A Brand Tribe is a group of people who are linked by a shared belief (or emotion) around a brand. Its members are not simple consumers, they are also believers and promoters. These are the people that will broadcast your content, products and services to their friends and family as well as share it within their online social networks. So, when you ask a person to friend request you, 90% of the time they will browse thru your profile and Timeline content first. If they like what they see..then they will Add You/Friend Request you. If you don’t believe me…just think …why do you request somebody’s friendship on Facebook ? Because you like what you see. However if you are a marketer on Facebook, you want to be surrounded by people who like you and what you represent on Facebook.. Watch the video below to learn the importance of building your Tribe on FB…and how to do it effectively.

1. Facebook Posting in Groups 
I show you exactly how to create your free digital content and where you can buy content and free gifts that you can giveaway in the Facebook groups. This is so much better than just postings hundreds of links a day. If you offer somebody a free gift that is relevant to them and/or solves some kind of problem then they are more open to what else you have to offer. You simply auto post in the groups and drive traffic back to your website (where a person has to go to download your free gift).

2. Facebook Posting to FB Members

There are millions of groups on Facebook. Whatever product, event or business you promoting, there is a group for that. I teach you exactly how to identify relevant groups and scrape members from these groups. The software will auto join groups for you ! With the software you can message these members to send you a friend request…or whatever you like. 

3. Facebook Marketing with your own Group

I teach you about the importance of having your own Facebook Group and show you how to use the software to populate your group. This puts you more in control of the traffic that you start to generate.
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4. Bonus Video – How to do Happy Birthday Marketing on Facebook

As a free bonus, I show you my patented Happy Birthday Marketing strategy for Facebook. This is a fun way to get extra traffic to whatever you are offering.


In addition, when you buy my advanced training videos you will have email access to me. You can ask me unlimited questions as it pertains to the massplanner software and Facebook Marketing as I use them.

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