How to Create your Brand – find a Niche

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Be creative…solve a problem

by Gerard Fairley

A really important part of crafting your brand’s positioning is to understand the functional benefits that you offer as a product or service. What do you “do” for your customers? Don’t say I sell Herbalife…. or I sell Wake Up Now. No, what benefit do YOU the Brand offer your potential customer ? If your (mlm or network marketing) company ever goes out of business, will you lose all of your customers ? You would if you just sold them pills and potions. But if you the Brand…provided a benefit, then they would follow you on to the next company or Project that you work with.

Now you see why the “benefit” I provide as my a way to teach entrepreneurs how to generate leads for their business. So now I can transfer me and my Brand to any business at all. This is what I call Brand Positioning. Find something that you do best…provide that as the base foundation of your brand…then find a company that you can wrap around your brand (and you can peel it off later if necessary and your brand still stays intact.)

How to Create your Brand…

You need a niche….a specialized category within your chosen field or industry

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The more targrted the better…

If you love fitness, then there are several top companies that you can partner up with to promote and monetize your fitness lifestyle. So your website would be a reflection of that and you can “plug in” any relevant product or company. But don’t just do fitness…that is a very broad category. You need to narrow your focus a bit (this is a niche). How about fitness for “moms over 30” or “moms over 40” or “home fitness routines for the busy individual” – what we have done is just added a bit of detail to a broad further define your target customer with more focus and attention to what they care about. A “mom over 40” is much more likely to follow you and your blog and buy your products…because she can emotionally connect to your brand on a deeper level. You are providing not some generic fitness stuff…but valuable hyper targeted content.

When you position yourself as the expert in a specific niche you will have greater clarity, and stop chasing the illusive ‘anyone who wants this product’ and your world will become a much less confusing and stressful place.

If you love beauty and fashion, you would do the same thing.  But don’t do fashion or beauty. Pick something you really, really like. Maybe its just elegant scarves and hats. Or Boots and shoes. You could be a fanatic about nail art or MAC lipstick. The point is to fine tune your category down to a niche. Create a website or blog about your chosen niche within this industry..and then plug in the relevant business partner to monetize your traffic.

So, as you are building your mailing list, be sure that you are keeping in touch with your constituents and are sending out high valuable content that relates to your brand. My brand is about teaching people how to do internet marketing (and all of the many pieces contained therein) I consistently provide Internet Marketing tips, strategies and techniques to my constituents. I have honed this down to a niche by targeting newbies and teaching them “the  basics of Internet Marketing” in a clear easy to understand language. Thats my niche.

Find your niche and become even more valuable to your customer.

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