How To Generate Free Leads for your Online Business

Make money online - how to generate leads I will teach you !

by Gerard Fairley

This ebook was born out of my frustration to find quality leads for my Affiliate Marketing Programs. Like the average internet marketer starting out, all I had was a bunch of lead capture pages and affiliate links that I was spreading around the Internet. I did all of the usual stuff, I placed ads on Craigslist (battled the ghosting and flagging issues), Backpage and spent a few hundred bucks with Google Ad Words and Facebook Ads. I was frustrated with what I saw as a constant daily struggle to generate leads. I spent nearly 75% – 80% of my time and money…just prospecting and generating leads ! Yup ! Im sure you are too. And I’ll tell you why.

We have been programmed by mainstream media that you have to advertise your products. You have to pitch your products. You have to tell your customer what you have for sale and aggressively pursue them over multiple media outlets. But this marketing model on the internet is not as successful as it was 10 years ago. After trying what was taught to me, and  finding it not working well for me, I tried another approach. I found a way to get customers to chase me, instead of me chasing them as I was used to doing.  In this 28 page free ebook auto download, I give you the step-by-step instruction you need to duplicate my success and start generating your own leads daily with a lot less effort. This will work for any business, and anybody who is trying to sell something online. And not only just generate leads, but generate excitement for your product so that it almost sells it self!

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