How to Follow up with Prospects

how to make money online- follow up

Do at least 3 follow ups…

The importance of Followup in Business
Experts tell us that 98% of sales occur in the “follow up”..not the initial sales call or contact.

Following up is an important and most neglected aspect of closing a sale. Many businesses either neglect it or do not have an established plan. The first step is to have a means of reaching the customer, either through the Internet, by phone, or by mail (email or social media). Therefore, you need to establish how you will get in contact with the customer and how you will gain specific contact information.

Don’t be pushy, but don’t be apologetic either. Be firm/gentle and kind…but always be closing. Each follow up contact (at least 3 attempts) should always have some call to action ..and some kind of time limit (to create a sense of urgency).

Don’t close the book on a prospect until they actually say “No, I don’t want your product…stop contacting me. Then let them go…so you are not characterized a stalker.

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