Article Marketing

Article Marketing Strategy – The Indirect Approach

by Gerard Fairley

What is Article Marketing ? Many websites fail because they don’t properly focus on their target niche; but articles can help to bridge that gap.   Try to view an article as a tiny one page website being hosted by an Article Directory (a larger website). Construction of your article starts the same like any other website; with keyword research.  When you are constructing a website, you are usually attempting to rank for a core group of 2-6 keywords.  But I believe when you are constructing an article, you should try to rank for sub-groups of your core keywords.  Getting 1st page ranking for “Refurbished Laptops” is much harder than ranking for “Best Refurbished Laptops Online” or “Cheapest Refurbished Laptops” or “Refurbished Laptops Mac vs. PC”.  A longer, more specific search phrase (which would be the heading of your article) has a stronger intent, is usually more targeted and will translate into better traffic.  In this article I want to lay out a simple SEO influenced article marketing strategy that I use.

Many internet gurus will tell you to identify the keywords you want to rank for, and then pursue them aggressively by writing articles utilizing those keywords.  I use more of a back door approach. Think of your website as a book or a manual, it contains a lot of information all condensed in one place.  But people find it hard to sit down and read a whole book at one sitting.  People like bite sized chunks of information that are easy to manage and digest.  Your articles serve as a selling tool, but more importantly they serve as these bite sized chunks or mini-meals.

I like to focus on just getting my articles ranked for my sub-group keywords.   Your sub-group keywords are an still an extension of your core keywords, but are far easier to rank for.  People are looking for the information on your website, but if you are not on the 1st or 2nd page of a search, then they probably won’t find you. What is the solution to this problem? Creating a few tiny 350-500 word websites (articles) that focus on the sub-group of keywords your customer is using (search terms or phrases).  Make a list of your main keywords and plan to write articles on the supportive keywords that roll up to your main prime keywords. Another overlooked tip: If allowed, be sure to link back to any other relevant article you authored, within your own article. You can also link to another relevant authority article within the body of your article.

Google changed their Search Algorithm on February 2011, and this greatly affects your Article Marketing Strategy. Being that Google has taken a different view of authority sites like Article Directories, it is now even more important to have your own unique content on your website or blog.  After your article is approved for publication, it is important to write a condensed unique shorter version of this article for posting on your website.  Most people only write articles for their main landing page, however this is a mistake.  The core 3-5 articles that describe your website should have a matching Page on your website. In terms of SEO (search engine optimization), a Page carries more weight than a post… even if it contains the same exact content; the search engines will rank a Page higher and faster. Search is one of the most powerful components of the internet, and is your strongest ally.  According to one recent survey nearly 92 percent of internet users…are using a search engine to find information. Are you getting your share?

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