What is the #1 tool for Network Marketers ?

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Your mind is your number #1 tool for success…


By Gerard Fairley

What is the #1 tool for Network Marketers ? If  you ask any number of networkers  that question, many will say “Your capture page”…others will say ‘Your email list” and others will say “autoresponders”, etc etc. I see what many marketers do is just jump in…create a website, and start broadcasting their links to the online world. The program that they are are in…woos them in with the promise of  having the “latest cutting edge online web tools  to help you build your business“  But unfortunately many network marketers don’t optimize their own Digital Brand first. You are your most important online tool. Your digital brand is what’s going to attract or repel people. Everything that you put out online is a reflection of who you are…and many times you get only one chance to impress. Your digital brand or persona is what a potential customer  first comes in contact with when they read your posts, your ads, your articles, your pictures, and watch your videos.

That being said, you want to have the most radiant and attractive persona… this will do a lot of the heavy lifting for you. When you write a Craigslist ad or post an article in LinkedIn Groups… your persona shines thru. People will feel the vibration of your correspondence and act accordingly. So let me give you (in my opinion) the 3 most important components of an attractive online persona.

  • Expertise
  • Generosity
  • Integrity


If you are selling a fitness product …a potential customer is naturally going to look at you to be a living example of what you are selling. They are going to expect you to know about the product and the industry in general. Expertise also translates into Authority…and people will usually listen to who they perceive as being an authority or expert. This authority is very useful when you have a particular call to action you want your potential customer to do something…”Click Here”, “Register Here”, “Download This”,  “You Need this”,  “Let Me Show you This”, “Start Doing This”…etc etc. If your brand is based on Expertise and Authority, you are much more attractive.


You will get a lot more attention and eyeballs on your offers…if you cultivate a generous brand persona. This means that you understand the power of giving away quality and relevant content for free  …and its correlation to generating bonifide leads as a result. Being generous in terms of giving away high value ebooks, trainings, videos, webinar, etc …will get you lots of customers. As online marketers we don’t do enough of this. Now more than ever, in order  to stand out from the clutter…its very helpful to have some kind of free high value content that you give away….and secondarily this will help solidify your brand as an authority in your niche.


Integrity is last on my list, but perhaps the most important. Integrity is honesty and doing whats right…regardless. People love the feeling of honesty. ..it attracts and reels people in.  Integrity means that you are only marketing quality products/services that are truly useful to your customers. Integrity means that you always have your customers best interest at heart …even if it costs you extra time or perhaps you have to issue a refund of money. Integrity  means that all of your marketing content/strategy,  posts and ads have a certain flavor to them…no double talk or switch and bait (or any other kind of “gimmicky” or  “spammy conduct”)   The fastest way to do harm to your brand is to be less than fully honest.

Decide who you are and be that person. Be Authentic. Take a moment and write down your mission statement for being in business. What are you willing to give in advance.…and what are you wanting to receive in return ?  What are you good at ? Why are you in business ?  These kinds of questions that we ask ourselves will help to create the proper mindset for success. Your Mindset  (and your extension of yourself online is your  Digital Brand Persona) is your #1 tool  for success or failure in the Network Marketing Industry.

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